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Refona Mite Booster cartridge (without container)


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Refona Mite Booster cartridge (without container)

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The red bird mite In homing pigeons, the bird mite is the second most common external parasite (after Federlingen). They feed on bloodsucking. Affected pigeons often suffer from anemia, nestlings can even die.

The Mite Booster® cartridge is a capsule that contains a lot (about 1000 live predatory mite fighters) of Dutchy’s. The moisture inside the cartridge is ideal for the development of Dutchy’s ®.

To place this capsule, you need a container that can be attached to different places in the cell.

The container is often not necessary for use in terrariums.

Springlings are also victims of Dutchy’s®

The suspicion had existed for a long time, but now it is clear that the featherlings are also controlled by the predatory mites. From the beginning, Dutchy’s® users reported positive experiences in fighting feather lice in poultry, pigeons and aviary birds.

However, it was not clear how exactly an operation would work. We don’t really know exactly yet, but it looks as if the predatory mites are fighting the feather louse in their various phases of life that take place outside the bird. The larvae and nymph stages of this louse are also likely to hide in the cracks and crevices of the cage or stable and fall victim to the Dutchy’s®.

The feather louse (Menacanthus stramineus) damages the plumage, which is not yet fully developed in young birds. If the feathers unfold later, they will be eaten and the damage can no longer be repaired. Due to its hidden way of life, the feather louse is an annoying parasite that causes problems for many lovers of birds and poultry every year. People who are confronted with this infestation should not apply Dutchy’s® in too high a dose. If an infestation is found, the application should be carried out as described in the instructions for use.


Manufacturer: Refona Respekt for Nature, De noesten 44, 9431 TC Westerbork
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