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Refona predatory mites Dutchy’s® (2,500)


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Dutchy’s® for the natural control of red mite

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Dutchy’s® (2,500)

Weight: 55 grams

Predatory mites to prevent and control blood mites in aviaries, cages, terrariums or stables. This packaging contains approx. 10 doses. With this you can supply approximately 10 m² preventive or approx. 5 m² already infested dwellings with Dutchy’s®.

The shelf life is a maximum of 7 days (see date on the packaging).

Contents approx.2,500 predatory mites

The Hypoaspis miles (predatory mites) are very effective predators that live on the ground with a very wide range of prey, which also includes bird and blood mites. Therefore, they are ideally suited for use in terrariums, aviaries, chicken coops, etc., if insecticides are not to be used, but biological control is sought.

It takes about 12 days to develop (at 25 ° C) from the egg to the sexually mature beneficial animal. The eggs and nymphs are white, while adult predatory mites are brown and up to 1 mm in size. A predatory mite destroys 5 blood mites a day and lays up to 3 eggs a day.

The biological equilibrium levels off in this way in favor of predatory mites but to the detriment of blood mites. After a few days there is visible success.

In many cases, the blood mites are completely eradicated within a few weeks. If there is a very high initial infestation, we recommend carrying out follow-up treatment with other predatory mites after about 6 weeks.

The predatory mite can go hungry for several weeks (if there is a lack of prey). This makes preventive use of these predatory mites possible.

The control of snake mites, spider mites (tarantula is very often infested) or mites with predatory mites has also proven very effective in terrariums

User manual Dutchy’s® for the natural control of red bird mites!

Manufacturer: Refona, De noesten 5b, 9431 TC Westerbork
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