Röhnfried Avimycin forte 400 g


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Röhnfried Avimycin forte 400g

 Complementary feed for pigeons

  • Top performance
  •  Metabolic relief
  •  Clean throats

To support and relieve the metabolism (methionine & milk thistle powder) after phases of illness and stress and to support the airways after races. In addition to horseradish and nasturtium, it also contains milk thistle, turmeric, chili powder and methionine.

Avimycin forte can be combined with any product via the feed. We recommend using it together with moorgold or breathless. In addition, feeding can be carried out in combination with K + K Protein 3000 after the flight or RO 200 Ready before the flight, as well as immune boosters for young and old pigeons.

Application note / feeding recommendation:

  • 10 g per 20 pigeons through the feed. Spread the amount over two meals a day.
  • •In preparation for the season: continuous use for 7 days together with Atemfrei.
  • After the flight at the beginning of the week: 2-3 days.
  • youngsters in training: 3 times a week.
  • Youngsters: To increase natural vitality in all phases of stress (JTK) over several days.

Composition: calcium carbonate, turmeric (4%), milk thistle (4%), nasturtium (4%), chili powder (1.6%), horseradish root (1.6%)

Analytical components: crude protein 6.9%, crude fiber 6.6%, crude ash 58.1%, crude fat 3.4%, sodium 0.05%, methionine 0.7%, lysine 1.2%

Additives per 1000 g: diatomaceous earth (E551c) 130,000 mg, bentonite montmorillonite (558) 20,000 mg, DL methionine (technically pure) (3c301) 25 mg


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