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Röhnfried Hexenbier 500 ml


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Röhnfried Hexenbier 500 ml

Complementary feed for homing pigeons and pets

  • Shape enhancement
  • Immune defense
  • Moulting

Röhnfried Hexenbier is a vitality mixture of onions, honey, propolis, echinacea, elderberry juice, beard lichen (Usnea barbata) and garlic, which strengthens the body’s defenses and gives the pigeons excellent flying pleasure. After feeding witch beer for several days, the pigeons get pink breast meat, intense down mice and white nipples.

Instructions for use: 20 ml per 1 liter of drinking water

Carrier pigeons: Travel time: Monday and Tuesday, breeding and moulting time: 2 times a week.

Composition: water, (cane) sugar, onion pulp (onions red), beekeeping by-products (bee honey 8.0%, propolis 0.2%), beard lichen (tincture) 1.7%, vegetable oil (oregano) 0.5%,

Analytical components: crude protein 1.1%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude fat 2.0%, crude ash 1.0%, sodium 0.02%, sucrose 24.9%, moisture 59.6%, methionine 0.001%, lysine 0.0%

Additives per 1000 ml: Nutritional additives: iodine (E2) as potassium iodite 5.3 mg. Sensory additives: garlic juice

Do not feed to cats! – Shake well before use!


Manufacturer number DE SH 100023
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