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Röhnfried Premium Mineral Reise 5 kg


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Röhnfried Premium Mineral Reise 5 kg

Mineral feed (single feed) for sports pigeons

  • Flight performance
  • Digestive aid
  • Metabolism stimulation

Premium Mineral Reise by Röhnfried is a pure natural product with oregano and herbs of the Herba-San formula. Equipped with all vital minerals, as well as valuable active and vital substances, it prevents shortages. It stimulates digestion and stimulates the metabolism.

Instructions for use: Feed 1 measuring cup (approx. 140 g) daily for 75 carrier pigeons in the trough or on the feeding table. Adjust the amount to the needs of the pigeons by only serving as much as is recorded until the next day.

Ingredients: limestone, carbonate shell limestone, dicalcium phosphate, red stone, canary grass seed, quartz, wheat, maize, carbonate seaweed lime, hemp seed, sodium chloride, rapeseed, vegetable coal, calcium carbonate, seaweed flour, products from the processing of herbs (fenugreek, anise, juniper berries) Sage, Chinese bark, thyme, spirulina), glucose, magnesium oxide

Analytical components: calcium 17.40%, sodium 0.66%, phosphorus 2.4%, methionine 0.46%, lysine 0.05%

Content of additives per 1000g: Nutritional additives: Amino acids: DLMethionine (3.1.1) 3,500 mg. Sensory additives: anise oil (CoE 336) 1100mg, oregano oil (CoE 317) 100mg, technological additives: preservative propionic acid (E280) 700mg


Manufacturer No. DE SH 100023
Weight 7 kg
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