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Röhnfried Vitamin ADEC 100ml


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Röhnfried Vitamin ADEC 100ml

Complementary feed for chickens and pigeons

  • improved growth
  • Breeding vitamins
  • strengthens the immune system

Vitamin ADEC for the short-term additional vitamin supply to prepare for breeding, during the rearing of young animals and during the unfavorable seasons.

Vitamin ADEC is used for additional vitamin supply with the vitamins ADEC for chickens and pigeons. It promotes growth, laying performance and increases hatching rates. If animals are exposed to extraordinary loads (stress factors), an additional dose of vitamin ADEC is highly recommended and therefore an ideal addition!

Instructions for use:

Due to the higher vitamin content compared to complete feed, this supplementary feed may only be fed with the drinking water at maximum in the listed quantities if the performance requirements are higher:

In case of increased performance requirements, feed a maximum of (1 screw cap = 10 ml):

  • Chick: 2 ml per liter of drinking water
  • Pullets: 1 ml per liter of drinking water
  • Laying hens: 1 ml per liter of drinking water
  • Pigeons: 5-10 ml per liter of drinking water

Average water requirement:

  • 1 pigeon: 50 ml per day
  • 1 young hen: 100 ml per day
  • 1 laying hen: 125 ml per day

Composition: water, glucose

Analytical components: Crude protein 1.1%, crude fat 1.2%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude ash 0.5%, sodium 0.6%, methionine 0.0%, lysine 0.0%, moisture 78.0%, sucrose 0.02%

Content of additives per 1000 ml: nutritional additives: vitamins: vitamin A (E672) 50,000,000 IU, vitamin D as vitamin D3 (E671) 200,000 IU, vitamin C as sodium L-ascorbate 50,000 mg, vitamin E (3a 700) as all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 20,000 mg

Storage information: Store tightly closed, cool and protected from light!

Use within 12 weeks after opening!


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