ROPA-B 2% feed oil


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ROPA-B 2% feed oil – the ORIGINAL! 1000ml

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ROPA-B 2% feed oil

Complementary feed for pigeons

Of course, on a purely natural basis!

ROPA-B feed oil is a feed supplement product for carrier pigeons, pedigree pigeons, ornamental pigeons, birds in aviaries and cages and pets. The product is extracted from the oregano oil of the oregano plant.

ROPA-B feed oil is a purely organic product and has no side effects.

ROPA-B feed oil is TÜV-tested and its positive properties have been proven in practice for many years. Numerous scientific studies prove the excellent properties of the main components Carvacrol and Thymol.

ROPA-B feed oil contains essential oils. Certain essential oils have a digestive effect and stimulate bile juice and enzyme secretion in the intestine. The digestion process and feed utilization are optimized. A disturbed digestion is often a pioneer for a large number of harmful germs and intestinal parasites, which can lead to digestive problems, particularly in stress phases (breeding, travel, moulting, exhibition). This manifests itself in poor feces.

Bad feces can be caused by harmful germs and parasites. These include coccidia, salmonella, E. coli, streptococci, staphylococci, cornybacteria and various Pasteurella and Campylobacter strains. Also worth mentioning are roundworms and hair worms, fungi such as Aspergillus, Candida, Actinomycetes and especially coccidia.

Instructions for use: all year round: 5 ml per kilogram of feed.

Ropa-B feed oil is suitable for year-round addition to the grain feed.

Composition: sunflower oil, oregano oil 2% native, emulsifier.

Analytical components: 3.9% crude ash, 92% crude fat, 0.1% crude protein, 0.1% crude fiber, 0.0% sodium, 0.0% sodium, 0.0% lysine, 0.0% methionine, 6 , 04% moisture

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