Super-Backsin, Multivitamin solution 250ml


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Super-Backsin, Multivitamin solution 250ml

is used for near-term additional vitamin supply. In the racing time Super-Backsin refreshes depleted vitamin reserves. The high content of Vitamin D in Super-Backsinis remarkable. It assures a high inclusion of calcium, which is well known a very positive influence of the pigeon’s muscles. Every breeder should have Super-Backsin at hand when it is necessary to bridge situations of stress or illness.

Liquid complementary feed for carrier pigeons

Composition: Propylene glycol, sodium chloride

Analytical constituents: 85 % Moisture content

Additives per litre: Nutritional additives: 1000000 i.U. Vitamin A (3a672b), 80000 i.U. Vitamin D(E671), 650 mg Vitamin E (3a700), 500 mg Vitamin B1 (3a820), 900 mg Vitamin B2 as riboflavin, 700 mg Vitamin B(3a831), 3000 mcg Vitamin B12 as Vitamin B12-preparation, 510 mg Vitamin K3 (3a710), 8000 mg Vitamin C (E301) as sodium L-ascorbat, 5100 mg Nicotinamide (3a315), 2100 mg Dexpanthenol (3a842), 110 mg Folic acid (3a316), 20500 mg Biotin (3a880),

Technological additives: 240 mg Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) (E320), 240 mg Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) (E321), 100 mg Propyl gallate (E310)

Instructions for proper use: During the breeding and moulting season 2 x a week, in the racing season, depending on the difficulty of the previous race administer for 2-3 days before basketing. After treatment with medicines and vaccinations for 5 consecutive days.

Dosage: 10 ml per 1 litre of water or for 25 pigeons mixed with the feed once a day.

Due to the high content of vitamins and trace elements in comparison with complete feed this complementary feed can be fed to pigeons only in the amount of 3,5 % of the daily ration.

Store in a cool place and protect against light!

Reg.Nr.: DE-NI-2-00024
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250 ml

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