Super Biomix 5 liter bucket


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Your pigeons become more vital and your natural defenses are strengthened.

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Super Biomix 5 liter bucket

Complementary feed for pigeons

Is a combination of different minerals and has an excellent effect.

The presence of magnetite and pyrite in these minerals is invaluable for orientation and makes Super Biomix an indispensable product for the pigeons.

The mix also ensures that an excess of semi-valuable proteins and nitrates, which are naturally contained in the seeds and grains of the feed, can be digested well. Such an excess weakens the defenses of your pigeons, which can result in an increased risk of illness and an inadequate effect of the medication administered.

Super Biomix also restores the hemoglobin level in the blood, which greatly improves the oxygen uptake by the body. Food, minerals and possibly medication are also better absorbed into the body. Your pigeons will become more vital and your natural defenses will be strengthened.

Instructions for use: Put Super Biomix in a stone pot daily. – 2 heaping tablespoons a day for around 10 pigeons.

Ingredients: Spicy stomach pebbles, carbonated feed lime, anise, carbonated seafood shells (mussel shells, oyster shells), seaweed lime, red stone, silex, brewer’s yeast, broken corn, egg feed, linseed, hemp seeds, weed seeds.

Additives: Cabon Clay E559

Analytical components: 69% raw ash, 11% raw fiber, 1.6% moisture, 12% raw protein, 6.4% raw fat. Calcium, 1.10% phosphorus, 0.6% magnesium.

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