Tollisan electrolyte balance 500g


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Electrolyte balance helps your breeding pigeons to restore their balance. The addition of electrolyte balance will also prevent the young pigeons from wetting in the nest, which occurs increasingly after the second to third rearing.

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Tollisan electrolyte balance 500g

Complementary feed for pigeons

The electrolyte in pigeons was taken from human sports. A mistake in thinking and misconception – as they occur more often – when the use of human products is transferred to the animal sector.

People sweat when they exercise and excrete salts and electrolytes through their sweat glands. Therefore, athletes have to compensate for this loss for rapid regeneration with the addition of electrolytes. This quickly restores the balance.

However, anyone who transfers this to racing pigeons will forget that racing pigeons have no sweat glands! Have you ever seen a homing pigeon coming back from a price flight covered in sweat?

If pigeons had sweat glands, the plumage would be wet and sticky from the sweat after a strenuous flight. Pigeons can only fly poorly with a wet plumage. Evolution reacted to this and was so intelligent to simply omit the sweat glands in pigeons.

The truth is: racing pigeons only suffer protein or weight loss on price flights, and this should be compensated for quickly with high-dose amino acids such as Tollyamin Forte or Sedochol Plus and a high-quality animal protein product such as Immunol. Now, however, there is a sensible use of electrolytes in the poultry sector, namely for chickens that have to lay eggs every day. Electrolyte administration is essential there.

In the case of stuck breeding pigeons that lay eggs, one, two, or more clutches of eggs each year for several years and raise young, it would also be extremely useful to add electrolytes. Some breeding hen would then not feel quite dry and emaciated after a few years, because a lack of electrolytes in the egg formation phase compensates for the breeding hen with a mineral breakdown from its own skeleton. So nature intended to protect the egg from a deficit. Nature could not have foreseen that carrier pigeon breeders would breed and that breeding pigeons would lay eggs almost like chickens.

For this reason, we have dosed our new special mixture 30 times higher than conventional electrolyte mixtures. The addition of electrolyte balance will also prevent the young pigeons from wetting in the nest, which is increasingly produced during the second rearing. You have surely seen how wet the droppings of young pigeons sometimes get in the nest. This wet feces is usually caused by an electrolyte imbalance.

Instructions for use: Breeding pigeons + racing pigeons 1 measuring spoon (10 g) in 1 liter of water. – Nest pigeons with wet faeces 2 scoops (20 g) in 1 liter of water.

Ingredients: electrolytes

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