Tollisan multivitamin syrup 500ml


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The juice is very sticky and is particularly suitable for giving the pigeons a powder via the feed.

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Tollisan multivitamin syrup 500ml

Supplementary feed for racing pigeons.

Can be used all year round via feed and potions. Suitable for breeding, travel and moulting.

Instructions for use: 6 ml (2 teaspoons) per liter of drinking water

Composition: glucose, sodium chloride

Additives: Vitamins and provitamins per liter: Vitamin A (E671) 1,500,000 ul, vitamin D3 (E672) 168,000 ul, vitamin E 500 mg, vitamin B1 470 mg, vitamin B2 400 mg, nicotinic acid 5,200 mg, pantothenic acid 1,380 mg, vitamin B6 430 mg, vitamin B12 0.5 mg, vitamin C 5,200 mg

Analytical components: crude protein 0%, crude fat 0%, crude fiber 0%, crude ash 0.1%, sodium 0.01%, methionine 0%, lysine 0%, moisture 73%

Manufacturer No. BE100717
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