Tollisan Reha Vital Elixir 1000ml


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The pigeons are in top shape.

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Tollisan Reha Vital Elixir 1000ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

This old recipe is from a Belgian pigeon fancier. He was there regularly with great success. The following composition is brought to the boil with stirring and then cooled: red onions, garlic, brown sugar candy, alum powder, iodine, iron, zinc, black elderberry juice. The health elixir is given over the feed, so the down falls and the droppings become spherical. The pigeons are in top shape. Reha-Vital-Elixir is very sticky and particularly well suited to be administered via the feed.

Instructions for use: 20ml per 1 kg of feed

Ingredients: sugar, onion extract, garlic extract, elderberry extract, sodium chloride, calcium clycerophosphate, magnesium citrate

Analytical components: crude protein 1%, crude fiber 1%, crude fat 1%, crude ash 1%, sodium 0.2%, moisture 75%

Additives per liter: (E1) iron (Fe) as ferric chloride 15.0mg, (E2) iodine (J) as potassium iodide 38.0mg, (E5) manganese (Mn) as manganese chloride 1.2mg , (E6) zinc (Zn) as zinc acetate 1.1mg, (E4) copper (Cu) as copper acetate 0.6mg, (E3) cobalt (Co) as cobalt chloride 0.3mg

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