Tollisan RopAdeno drinking water disinfection 1000ml


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RopAdeno® Modern drinking water disinfection 1000ml

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Tollisan RopAdeno drinking water disinfection 1000ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Modern drinking water disinfection – the revolution in pigeon racing!

Why is drinking water hygiene so important for humans and animals (racing pigeons)?

The digestive tract is by far the largest entry point for all types of germs. Clean and unpolluted drinking water for humans and animals is the basic requirement for health and well-being. Life-threatening problems caused by contaminated drinking water, such as natural disasters, occur again and again. Fatal diseases, such as E-coli, cholera and other infections are often the result of contaminated drinking water in these situations. Everyone is actually aware of the importance of hygienically safe drinking water. In pigeon racing, more attention should be paid to drinking water.

What is RopAdeno®?

RopAdeno® is water treated by a new electrolysis with special properties. This special technology, with which this water is then treated with an electric current, also produces, among other things, hyperchloric acid, one of the strongest and at the same time best tolerated disinfectant for a living organism. It is only because of this excellent compatibility that RopAdeno® is allowed to be added to the drinking water.

However, RopAdeno® is many times more effective than just hyperchloric acid alone and, with its almost neutral pH value, it is also not corrosive. Part of the electrically added energy is retained in the molecules and substances that want to discharge back into equilibrium in the normal environment. This high energy charge could be stored for a long time for the first time with the product RopAdeno® and can also be proven to be measurable as a redox potential. The process of disinfecting water by electrolysis is not new. So far, however, the charge has simply neutralized itself again after a short time, sometimes after hours, and there was no longer any effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. What is new is that with RopAdeno® it has been possible for the first time to produce a stable and long-term effective product and thus to offer the market a truly salable product. This new process is based on several patents.

Why does RopAdeno® work?

When the positively charged RopAdeno® comes into contact with microorganisms as a cocktail of electrical charge and hyperchloric acid, it wants to use the negatively charged molecules in their cells to balance themselves out again. In addition, it attacks components in the cell wall, which becomes permeable. By attracting (magnetism) the negative cell contents through the attacked cell wall, the cell wall is destroyed and the bacteria are virtually “lightning-fast” mechanically killed. This makes resistance formation impossible.

RopAdeno® works against all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores within a very short time.

RopAdeno® also dissolves the biofilm in the water troughs, in which pathogens can also become lodged. If you have ever had a pathogen in the water pipes, even clean drinking water can be contaminated again immediately by the pathogens in the biofilm of a water pipe. Incidentally, this problem that pathogens have settled in the water pipes can occur anywhere. That should also be a major problem with carrier pigeon vehicles.

The legislator allows a 3% addition (30 ml / 1 liter) of RopAdeno® to the drinking water and classifies this as absolutely harmless for humans and animals. This dosage provides reliable protection against the transmission of diseases through drinking water. The intestinal flora is preserved and the animals are brimming with health because they are protected from unwanted germs and freed from them.

A higher dosage would also be possible in the short term in the acute course of the young animal disease. In practice, however, even with a daily dosage of only 10 – 15 ml per 1 liter of drinking water, it has been shown that there is no outbreak for the first time in breeders who are afflicted with juvenile disease every year. Many of these breeders were even able to do without antibiotics for the first time. In recent years, many internationally known breeders have used RopAdeno® for the first time with overwhelming success.

So why use RopAdeno® in water troughs or racing pigeon vehicles?

All pigeons carry pathogen-specific pathogens in the form of germs, bacteria or viruses. If many pigeons now come together, as with the young pigeons, then logically you will have many different pathogens directly in the drinking water after a short time, where the pathogens multiply and are then taken up directly via the gastrointestinal tract by all other pigeons. This problem has been known for a long time and is referred to in technical terms as “crowding”.

RopAdeno® kills ALL of these pathogens immediately and keeps your drinking troughs clean without harming the pigeons. This means that the pathogens are no longer transmitted via the drinking water and cannot settle in the drinking troughs.

Instructions for use: Preventive: 10ml per liter of drinking water – If necessary: ​​15ml per liter of drinking water

Composition: 0.05% – 0.07% active chlorine

Manufacturer no .: BE100717
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