Backs mineral menu 6 kg


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Backs mineral menu 6 kg

Mineral feed for pigeons

Backs Mineral Menu is the result of years of experience in the mineral care of pigeons!

The mixture contains anise aroma and seeds, which makes it very well absorbed by the pigeons. Our mineral menu also contains loess soil. With Backs Mineral Menu you give your pigeons all the essential minerals and trace elements.

Composition: calcium carbonate, hemp, carbonic acid algae lime, red stone, dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate

Analytical components:

  • 11.2% calcium
  • 1.6% sodium
  • 0.6% phosphorus
  • 0.0% lysine
  • 0.0% methionine

Instructions for use / instructions for proper use:

Backs Mineral Menu should be given to animals in small food bowls for free intake. Backs Mineral Menu should be given fresh daily.

Note: Store dry!

Net weight 6 kg

We put the contents in a bag, if you want to send it in a bucket, this is at your own risk. In this case, damage will not be replaced.

Manufacturer No .: DE-NI-2-00024
Weight 7,5 kg
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