Comed Tempo 60 1kg


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Tempo 60 ensures perfect basic health for your pigeons!

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Comed Tempo 60 1kg

Food supplements for pigeons

The product contains 32 components that a pigeon needs within 24 hours, e.g. Soy protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. Even the slightest change in the feed quality can thoroughly destroy the absorption in the intestine (of feed, medication, supplements). Together with Cometose, these components are optimally absorbed.

Instructions for use: 1 tablespoon (15 g) per kg of feed. – Never into drinking water!

Ingredients: glucose, soy protein concentrate, calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium glyerofosfaat, magnesium gluconate, magnesium

Additives: trace elements per kg: iron chelate of the spirit acids – iron (E1) 14mg, zinc oxide – zinc (E6) 1.7mg, copper acetate – copper (E4) 2mg, manganese sulfate – manganese (E5) 1.3 mg, calcium iodate – iodine ( E2) 1 mg sodium selenite – selenium (E8) 0.5 mg.

Vitamins and provitamins per kg: Vitamin A (E672) 60,000 IU Vitamin D3 (E671) 10,000 IU Vitamin E (3a700) 250 mg, Vitamin K3 6 mg, Vitamin B1 110 mg, Vitamin B2 62 mg, Niacinamide (3a315) 250mg, pantothenic acid 250 mg, vitamin B6 (3a831) 125 mg, folic acid (3a316) 30mg, 1.25 mg vitamin B12, vitamin C (E300) 1,250mg, biotin 3.75mg, choline chloride (3a890) 1,400mg

Analytical components: crude protein 6%, crude fat 0%, 0% crude fiber, crude ash 2%, sodium 0.25% lysine 0.3%, methionine 0.07%

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