Eurital Herbal Mix of 16 Herbs 500g


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Eurital Herbal Mix of 16 herbs 500g

Supplementary feed for pigeons

With its valuable natural ingredients, Eurital Herbal Mix supports the metabolism of your pigeons all year round, both during moulting, travelling, breeding and in the winter period.

Carefully balanced herbs ensure clear airways and provide your pigeons with natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids – all directly from nature.

Herbal Mix has a high protein content. Proteins are very important because all biological functions in the living organism are almost entirely taken over by proteins. Among other things, proteins have the function of transporting fats through the blood to strengthen the organism’s defences. Therefore, the supply of these nutrients is indispensable. The biologically very important nutritional components of proteins, as the main component, are responsible for muscle formation. It should not be forgotten that vegetable proteins, or proteins as they are also called, are very easy to convert in the organism. This means that the animal’s body builds up energy reserves that give it additional strength due to the lower energy expenditure during the metabolism of vegetable protein. Furthermore, it has been shown that young animals that have not been supplied with sufficient protein in their first months of life often show physical deficits. The plumage, body and bone structure are external features. The immune system and natural defences also suffer and are not always immediately apparent.


Peppermint leaves
Curcuma root
Black cumin
Black cumin
Sarsaparilla. /> Sarsaparilla root
Coneflower herb
Eucalyptus leaves
Mary thistle seeds

Analytic Constituents & Contents:

Crude ash 10.0%, crude protein 12.1%, crude fat 5.6%, crude fibre 14.1%

Advice for use / feeding recommendation:

1 scoop per 1000g feed.

Time of travel: 2 x at the beginning of the week & 2 x at the weekend
Raising: 3 – 4 x weekly
Moult: 3 – 4 x weekly
Winter time: 2 x weekly

If you have any questions or need further information, our team from the homing pigeon shop will be happy to help.

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