Natural bath salt 650g


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a product matched to the requirements for human use in terms of raw materials

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Natural bath salt 650g

NATURAL BATH SALT is a product that is also matched to the requirements for human use in terms of raw materials. In addition, NATURAL BADESALZ contains natural extracts from pine and no chemical dyes. NATURAL BATH SALT provides a silky plumage and removes dandruff without irritating the skin. NATURAL BATH SALT also strengthens and stimulates the pigeon’s organism. Due to its natural disinfectant effect, it also removes vermin that sit in the plumage and under the skin. So it ensures good personal hygiene. The stimulating effect of NATURAL BADESALZ increases the blood circulation in the skin, which encourages the down mouse. In addition, NATURAL BADESALZ prevents the development of the new feathers from being affected by parasites.

Instructions for use:

  • NATURAL BATH SALT should be provided to the pigeons once a week dissolved in cold water.
  • Dissolved in warm water, NATURAL BATH SALT relaxes the muscles and accelerates recovery after great exertion.
  • Dosage: The filling of a lid is sufficient for 20 liters of bathing water.

Composition: sodium chloride, borax, sodium bicarbonate, pine oil, tricalcium phosphate

Manufacturer: NATURAL GRANEN Gebr. De Scheemaecker n.v., Metropoolstraat 28-29, B- 2900 Schoten
Weight 0,8 kg
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