Natural Naturamine 500ml


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ideal supplement during breeding and moulting

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Natural Naturamine 500ml

Complementary feed for pigeons

Naturamine is the ideal supplement during breeding and moulting. During these 2 periods, the pigeons need an additional supply of minerals and trace elements. Regular use of natural amines is a guarantee for successful breeding, healthy growing boys, pigeons in top shape and perfect moulting. Liver function, due to its specific composition, make natural amines a very effective tonic for the condition and general health of the pigeons.

Naturamine promotes the condition of the pigeons during the sports season.

Instructions for proper use: We recommend starting Naturamine with a dose of 5 ml per liter of drinking water for 5 consecutive days before starting the maintenance dose.

  • During the sport season 1 x per week when returning from a race.
  • During breeding 2 to 3 times a week from mating to weaning of the youngsters.
  • During the moult twice a week during the entire moult. While taking medication, natural amines should be added to the drinking water every day.
  • Dosage: 5ml per liter of drinking water.

Composition: calcium chloride, calcium hydroxide, Lysina hydrochloride

Nutritional additives: phosphoric acid, choline chloride, iron chloride, copper chloride, manganese chloride, selenium, zinc sulphate

Manufacturer: NATURAL GRANEN Gebr. De Scheemaecker n.v., Metropoolstraat 28-29, B- 2900 Schoten
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