Oropharma Muta-Vit 30ml


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Muta-Vit Liquid is a liquid mixture of vitamins and amino acids, enriched with methionine and cysteine.

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Oropharma Muta-Vit 30ml

Complementary feed for birds

Oropharma Muta-Vit Liquid is a liquid mixture of vitamins and amino acids, enriched with methionine and cysteine. This product is particularly suitable for moulting. Feathers mainly consist of hard protein tissue (keratin). In moulting, birds have a higher need for the building blocks of this protein, methionine and cysteine. Muta-Vit, a combination of these two sulfur-containing amino acids, which has been enriched with the necessary vitamins, ensures strong, healthy and beautiful feathers.

  • Ideal for moulting, improves plumage and feather condition
  • Strengthens the plumage
  • Helps prevent the screech

Instructions for use:

15 drops in 50 ml of pure drinking water – 2 to 3 times a week, each freshly prepared.

1. In the moult to help build the feathers: 3 times a week.
2. When preparing for the exhibition season: on 4 consecutive days.
3. After treatment with antibiotics or other remedies: 5 consecutive days.
4. With loss of appetite caused by poor metabolism: for a week.

Store in a cool and dark area.

Composition: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, sodium chloride, amino acids, vitamins

Analytical components:

L-alanine 1720 mg, L-arginine 1000 mg, L-cysteine ​​100 mg, L-glutamine 1720 mg, L-histidine 140 mg, L-isoleucine 188 mg, L-leucine 528 mg, L-phenylalanine 300 mg, L- Proline 2720 mg, L-serine 150 mg, L-tyrosine 50 mg, L-valine 428 mg, glycine 4000 mg, aspartic acid 1040 mg, ornithine 500 mg

Additives / kg:

Nutritional physiological additives:

Vitamin A 1500000 IU, Vitamin D3 80000 IU, Vitamin E 15000 mg, Vitamin C 10000 mg, Vitamin K3 25 mg, Vitamin B1 250 mg, Vitamin B2 250 mg, Vitamin B6 150 mg, Vitamin B12 1 mg, Vitamin PP 200 mg, Biotin 3 mg, choline chloride 20000 mg, D-pantothenic acid 500 mg, L-lysine 3000 mg, L-threonine 840 mg, L-tryptophan 300 mg, DL-methionine 2000 mg

Technological additives:



Manufacturer: Verselle-Laga, Kappelestraat 70, 9800 Deinze (BE)
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