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Röhnfried Blitzform 100ml


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For performance enhancement and drinking water disinfection.

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Röhnfried Blitzform 100ml

  • Blood formation
  • Form build-up
  • Performance enhancement

Blitzform is used for performance enhancement and drinking water disinfection.
Performance pigeons can not only be supplied with grain feed and water. The pigeons achieve top form with Röhnfried Blitzform! The pigeons come home 5 to 10 minutes earlier! Because they become top fit through Blitzform from Röhnfried!

  • Homing pigeons get a good condition and thus fly faster.
  • Particularly the health of the racing pigeons is, through the easily absorbable iodine and iron significantly improved.
  • Bring vitality and resistance. Through lightning form the pigeons get clean throats, shiny eyes, snow-white nose warts, shiny plumage and pink breast meat with small form spots.

for performance enhancement and for drinking water disinfection

For risks and side effects of medication for animals, ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.

For performance enhancement during the travel season: Every day a dosage with 5 ml per 2-3 litres (2ml/litre) of clear drinking water. On very hot days, increase water quantity to 5 litres. On the day of use, only give clear water! During breeding and moulting: A dosage of 5 ml per 5 litres (1ml/litre) of clear drinking water 1-2 times a week. For drinking water disinfection during the rest of the season: A dosage with 5 ml per 5 litres (1ml/litre) of drinking water once a week.

Never use copper and galvanised metal drinkers. Stainless steel vessels may be used. Do not use on food-producing animals. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use after expiry date. Dispose of unused medicinal products via the pharmacy.
Storage instructions: Do not store above + 25°C.

Active ingredients per 1000 ml: Iodine 50,000 mg, cobalt (II) sulphate 7H2O 60 mg, potassium iodide 90,000 mg, sodium molybdate 2H2O 20 mg, ammonium ferric citrate 50.000 mg

Preparation form: Solution

Type of application: for administration via the drinking water

Application: for performance enhancement and disinfection of drinking water

Counter-indications, side-effects, interactions: None known so far. Should you observe any side effects, please inform your veterinarian or pharmacist.


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