Tollisan Dosto powder 12% 200g


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Positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and healthy airways.

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Tollisan Dosto powder 12% 200g

Complementary feed for pigeons

Dostofarm Germany has its own patented plants from which only the Dosto oregano oil is obtained. Dosto oregano oil contains special ingredients that can only be found here. This is also the reason for the excellent and safe effect with racing pigeons. In addition, the Dosto oregano oil is standardized, so an equally good effect is guaranteed. Our wild collections and synthetic oils are of high quality. For these reasons, we are the only one who has the option of producing dosto oregano oil in accordance with the quality standards of the Medicines Act.

The quality of our new Dosto-Ropa is unique. The active substance concentration of the liquid form and the powder form was increased to 12% and that of the feed oil to 3%. By adding the new essential oils, which have been proven to have a very good effect on the respiratory tract. Dosto Ropa has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and you also have healthy airways, because free airways are the basis for all success in pigeon racing.

Particular attention is paid to the new Dosto-Ropa powder 12%. Not only because of the higher concentration and the new essential oils for the respiratory tract, but also because a special aroma has been added, which has a special effect against E. Coli germs and can therefore have a good preventive effect in the case of young animal disease. We were the pioneers for a quality Dosto oregano oil in pigeon racing, we remain the pioneers for new Dosto oregano innovations. Compare our active ingredient concentrations and volumes, as well as our dosage information with other Ropa suppliers. Ultimately, it should not be the price that is decisive for your purchase decision, but our Dosto-Ropa quality.

Instructions for use: 5g per 1kg animal feed (1 measuring spoon corresponds to 5g)

Ingredients: wheat flour, sodium chloride, potassium chloride

Analytical components: crude ash 12.6%, crude protein 8.0%, crude fat 1.0%, crude fiber 0.6%, sodium 0.47%, lysine 0.18%, methionine 0.13%, HCI-insoluble ash 6 .6%

Sensory additives per kg: mixture of natural aromas 120,000mg (12%)

Manufacturer no .: BE100717
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