Backs quartz-stomach-stones 7kg


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Backs quartz-stomach-stones for fancy fowl and pigeons 7kg

Single feed for pigeons and ornamental poultry

are fire dried and bacteria free.

They serve the animals in the gizzard as dentures, i.e. as a grinding aid for the feed.

Without the stomach stones, the food is digested much more poorly by the animals.
The stomach stones are not dissolved by the stomach acid and therefore last longer than calcite.

Feeding recommendation:

The gastric stones should be made available to the animals in a separate bowl.
If the free-range area or aviary is limited, the pebbles can also be sprinkled into the open area to support the natural scratching and searching for minerals.

Analytical constituents: 98.6% ashes insoluble in hydrochloric acid

Manufacturer: DE-NI-2-00024
Weight 9 kg
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