Backs Spirulina 300g


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Backs Spirulina 300g

Single feed for ornamental birds
Backs Spirulina is undoubtedly one of the most valuable natural products we know. Spirulina contains amino acids, minerals and trace elements, as well as the vitamins of the B complex in high concentration. This makes Spirulina a very good product for breeding, rearing, the exhibition season and for moulting.
Analytical components / content of ingredients:
65% crude protein
7.2% raw ash
5.3% crude fat
Instructions for use / instructions for proper use: Backs Spirulina is bound to the feed or mixed with the egg food or the germ food. During breeding, rearing, exhibition time and moulting, bind 8 g to 1 kg of feed twice a week or mix the appropriate amount into the spring or egg feed.
1 level measuring spoon = 4 g
Store cool and dry!
Net weight: 300 g
Manufacturer No. DE-NI-2-00024
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