Backs Vogelgrit 25 kg


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Backs Vogelgrit 25 kg

Supplementary feed birds
Backs Vogelgrit with vanilla aroma, particularly fine-grained. Backs Vogelgrit contains all the important minerals and trace elements that the birds need for a smooth metabolism, stable bone structure and trouble-free moulting. The seaweed in the Backs Vogelgrit alone has a calcium content of over 30% and contains 70 different trace elements. In addition, Backs Vogelgrit contains stomach stones, which the birds use as dentures for digestion, as well as oyster and mussel shells for an additional calcium supply.
Ingredients: Carbonate algae lime, carbonate shell limestone, calcium carbonate, quartz, red stone, vegetable coal
Analytical components:
26.3% calcium
Ash 10.8% insoluble in hydrochloric acid
0.29% sodium
0.06% phosphorus
Instructions for use:
Backs Vogelgrit should be given to the animals for free intake in separate food bowls. It is advisable to refill the grit fresh every day.
Store dry!
Net weight: bag 25 kg
Manufacturer No. DE-NI-2-00024
Weight 28 kg
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