Backs willow bark powder 200g


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contains salicylic acid compounds, tannins and plant acids.

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Backs willow bark powder

has the same positive effects as Backs willow bark tea, but is to give with the feed.

Instructions for proper use: Backs willow bark powder is given over the moistened feed. Willow bark powder can be administered all year round. We recommend feeding on two consecutive days before mating and before the trip. During the trip one day after the flight, while moulting every 4 weeks on 2 consecutive days and in the case of weaned youngsters also every 4 weeks on 2 consecutive days.
Dosage: 1 level measuring spoon for 20 pigeons.
Analytical components: 26.3% crude fiber
Store dry and protected from light.
Manufacturer No.:DE-NI-2-00024
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