Bifs Energetic capsules 80 pcs


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Energetic Caps is a source of unsaturated fats that are easily processed by the body.

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Bifs Energetic capsules 80 pieces

Complementary feed for pigeons

Before it starts to fly, the bird adds an abundance of fat to produce energy for its flight. In the racing pigeon, 70% of the flight energy is supplied by the fats contained in the pectoral muscle. These fats emit twice as much energy as the carbohydrates or the balanced proteins. These fats are burned through an aerobic biochemical process that does not produce lactic acid, which prevents rapid muscle fatigue. Contrary to the migratory birds, the pigeon does not know that it will enter a burrow and is not preparing for its competition. So the pigeon fancier has to secure this diet preparation. The essential fatty acids (linole, linolen and arachidonic acids) cannot be summarized by the organism and are nevertheless necessary for the diverse physiological processes. Energetic caps is a source of unsaturated fats that are easily processed by the body and allows individual diet preparation. This forced absorption of fat bodies is a supplement to the endurance of the carrier pigeon.

It is the ideal product for individual preparation.


Dosage: 1 caps / pigeon, 2x / day for 3 days

We advise you to give the pigeons one capsule each morning and evening the last two days before the placement.

Analytical components: crude protein: 0%; Crude fiber: 0%; Crude fat: 98%; Humidity: <1%; Crude ash: <0.1%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%; Sodium / sodium: 0%

Composition: Gamma – linolenic acid, fish oil,

Food additives: Vitamin E (E3A700): 2 mg / caps

Manufacturer: BIFS Strodorp 41, B-3620 Lanaken
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