Bony S.G.R. – 1000 ml


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Bony S.G.R. – 1000 ml

Complementary feed for pigeons.

Sour herb drink for pigeons. Includes Echinacea. Supports the resilience of the organism. Can support resistance to unfavorable bacteria and fungi.

Composition: organic acids, herbs; echinacea, eleutherococcus, ginseng.

Analytical constituents and contents: crude protein 0.1%, crude fiber <0.02%, crude oils and fats 0.12%, crude ash <0.1%, moisture 99.61%, starch <1.0%, lysine <0 , 05%, methionine <0.05%, calcium 0.002%, sodium 0.003%, phosphorus <0.002%.

Instructions for use / dosage: 5 ml per liter of drinking water, 3 days a week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Friday). It can be administered daily during longer flights. For the slime boys we recommend 2.5 ml per liter of drinking water. Shake before use.

Available in: 500 and 1000 ml

Manufacturer: Bony-Farma B.V. – Julianalaan 34, 6191 AM Beek, The Netherlands
Weight 1,3 kg
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