DHP Beute Bak 10kg Mineral Mix


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Complementary feed for pigeons

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DHP Beute Bak 10kg Mineral Mix

Complementary feed for pigeons

Instructions for use: Provision of a daily basis, preferably for around 15 pigeons after feeding.

Ingredients: gastric pebble, lime, shelp mix, algae lime, brick, flint, oyster shells, clay, brewer’s yeast, cookies, anise, garlic, sage, thyme, fennel, wormwood, birch leaves, nettle, yarrow, oak bark, eucalyptus, fenugreek, coltsfoot , Juniper, calamus, chamomile, burdock root, myrtle leaf, temoe lawak and licorice.

Supplementary minerals: 2% calcium 2.28 g phosphorus 1.14 g magnesium 0.8 g iron 64.39 mg, manganese 35.00 mg, copper 5.00 mg, iodine 0.50 mg, selenium 0.10 mg k, magntite 1%, pyrite 1%

Analysis: raw ash 79%, raw pulp 7%, moisture 0.6% raw protein, raw fat 4%

Manufacturer: DHP Cultura Wagenmakerstraat 26, NL-1991 JA-Velserbroek
Weight 12 kg
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